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Become a C++ Developer – Lynda [6 Courses]

Become a C++ Developer – Lynda
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Become a C++ Developer – Lynda

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Become a C++ Developer – LyndaC++ is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is used for everything from systems-level programming to mobile app development, and is a solid foundation for every programmer’s skill set. Become a C++ developer with our expert-led tutorials.

Topics include:

  • Up and Running with C++ with Peggy Fisher
  • C++ Essential Training with Bill Weinman
  • Code Clinic: C++ with Bill Weinman
  • C++ Move Semantics with Bill Weinman
  • C++ Smart Pointers with Bill Weinman
  • C++ Building a String Library with Bill Weinman

Duration: 14 Hours
Courses: 6

Size: 2.21 GB
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Download: UPLOADED

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